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My name is Muluken Girma. I was born and raised up in Addis Ababa.

I studied Accounting and Tour Operations Management at two of the best known universities in Ethiopia, Mekelle University, and the Catering and Tourism Training Institute of Addis Ababa, respectively.

Starting from March 2004, I have been having a great time organizing interesting customised tours and guiding numerous tours most satisfactorily.

I, myself, enjoy the local places where I take my visitors to, and I get thrilled to see visitors exited. It is such a moving feeling to see visitors touched with what they see, and their experience enrich their life in someway.

Guiding is not only my way of making money - it is my way of life.

Contact me soon and enjoy the best of your time in Addis Ababa and around!

My native language is called Amharic. It is the official working language and one of the most widely spoken languages of Ethiopia.

Tip - Amharic is the only official government languages of Africa which has its own alphabets which count more than 200.

I speak fluent English and fair French.

Spoken languages: Amharic, English


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